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maesaiMae Sai.
    is the northernmost district in Thailand. The province of Tachilek, Myanmar. The Sai is a border river. The bridge connects the two cities together. Thai and Burmese people to come together to trade freely. Thai tourists traveling to the market in Mae Sai and Tachilek in Myanmar. To buy local products and cheap products such as soap, Sumon Prime Brass basket go to Tachilek. Thai tourist arrivals in Myanmar every day between 06:30 to 18:00 am with the people. Or other cards. The government issued.

watthampaarchatongWat Tham Pa Archa Tong - The horseback riding alms round. 
    The meditation cave, forest, horse, gold is one of Unseen Thailand on a high hill in remote places. Chiang Rai province. Travel and luggage. Only once, even the villagers have to nag you're in any kind of victory Jose, better known as "The Ride" as the pound's position as a pastor. Of the Bureau. Said the old horse. This is the pioneer of the Bureau. So that the novice is a horse as a vehicle to receive food from a distance of 5 km to the village, over 40, 000 acres, every morning you the victory over the Philistines. I hope you get the time from 7:00 to 8:00 at the ground glass. If you are not prepared to put your mind to it. The shop you can buy many of the monks do. And also with the way the horse is close to the ground glass.


phuchifaforestparkPhu Chi Fa Forest Park.
    Phu Chi Fa Forest Park in the National Forest. With an area of approximately 2,500 acres of park space, the peak of Doi Pha Mon is in the mountains along the Thai - Lao People's Democratic Republic. Above sea level and 1,200 meters to 1,628 meters the highest point is the point of view. Rainforest. The top of Phu Chi Fa is the grass about 300 acres of plants that include a fraction of white flowers that pivot cause bone atherosclerosis, as it contributes water to pad the catechu, cinnamon, frankincense Wa Sarapee Champa Forest Champi forest vegetation ground, including ground orchids grass. Home Vetiver grass, grass, broom grass Haghno grass contains three different types of ferns, moss animals,

goldentriangleGolden Triangle.
  Golden Triangle. The area between the three countries, including Thailand (Chiang Rai), Laos (Bo Kaew Rd) and Myanmar (Bangkok Tachilek, Shan State) is a triangular area of convergence. The river cuts through the border of Thailand and Laos. It is one of the most important economic regions. The Golden Triangle is spectacular, especially at dawn. The sun rises in the midst of the fog. Formerly known as the Golden Triangle. As the boundaries between countries as a tourist attraction. But today more and more important in the economy. The cargo is another important part of Thailand. Tourists traveling to the Golden Triangle during the winter. And to take the label. "Golden Triangle" that is installed on the banks of the river. There is also a popular boat tour scenic confluence of the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar can also cruise the Mekong River to the south of China, such as Xishuangbanna of Yunnan and also if you want to see. panoramic views. Of the Golden Triangle area Ruak and neighbors. Up to Doi Chiang Miang. The Mekong River.

doitungDoi Tung Palace.
  as a residence for the court's interpretation of King Kong with his simple planting of his property. The palace built of wood construction with a steel frame inside. Wood to build a wooden crate to put him at the port of loading presented upon the King's Mother Road. When it is extremely beautiful. Model combines a traditional Lanna home Switzerland The ceiling into the ceiling of the hall. Area behind the palace balcony to stand out. Standing on the balcony to see the beautiful views of Doi Tung. Pick up the edge of the terrace is planted with colorful flowers. The palace is open to tourists. It will be a guided visit of the palace.